Boxing is the ultimate test of strength, speed, reflexes and endurance - making it one of the most intense workouts available. 

Boxing isn't just about the physical techniques and skills. Our boxing classes will improve not only your condition and physical skills, but the 'Sweet Science' is known to improve mental acuity, coordination, focus and concentration - all while building a confident, happy and healthy community. 

Boxing Session


Muay Thai is a combat sport hailing from Thailand, known as the art of eight weapons, uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques for a full body workout.


The physical and mental discipline required for Muay Thai makes it an excellent form of fitness and personal development. At Moorey's Martial Arts, the focus of Muay Thai isn't so much the 'fight' as it is the fitness and the fun!



Kali Silat is a combination of more than 8 Filipino Martial Arts and South East Asian Martial Arts.


A combination of empty hands training and weapons training, students can expect to explores elements of Filipino boxing, Filipino kicking, Double Sticks, Single Sticks, Knife Fighting, Sword and Dagger work, Filipino Trapping and Filipino Grappling. 


A highly physical workout, this class is open to people of all experience and fitness levels who wish to develop speed, coordination, stamina and strength. 



Adults Freestyle Karate is a modern mix of traditional karate, kali and most importantly, incorporates valuable street defence lessons. This program is designed to improve core strength and enhance self confidence, coordination and strength. 

This graded system is open to all experience levels and the progression from white to black is a fantastic way to push yourself in a supportive, motivating environment. 



Wednesday night is always Ladies Night at Moorey's Martial Arts! Join us for our regular Women's only Self-Defence class at 7:15PM. Learn practical Self-Defence techniques that really work.   Bring your lady friends and have some fun learning new skills. 
Self-defence is not an exact science. Situations vary vastly. We aim to teach effective self-defence techniques that cover typical situations. Throughout our classes, we emphasise the importance of situational awareness to avoid trouble and to stay safe! 

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