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This class is specifically designed for 3-4 year olds and introduces your little 'grasshopppers' to the world of Freestyle Karate. These 30 minute classes are the perfect addition to your child's developing education, and will encourage students to take direction from teachers, engage with other children and keep active!


The principles of respect and courtesy are prioritised in this class, and our instructors guide students to display these virtues in class and at home.



This class is specifically designed for 5-6 year olds and introduces young students to kickboxing. These 45 minute classes are the perfect activity to engage young minds, develop physical fitness and make friends. 


Alongside fitness and fun, students in this class will also begin their virtues journey, as our instructors guide students to display virtues such as respect, integrity and perseverance in class and at home.



From the excitement of karate kicks to the steady discipline of kata, Moorey's Martial Arts Freestyle Karate is centred on a diverse curriculum that encourages students to feel strong, confident and proud. Students are taught foundational self-defence techniques as they develop interpersonal skills, self confidence and discipline. 

An important part of our Karate curriculum is the virtues program. A virtue is highlighted each week, and by challenging students to understand, practice and develop these virtues, we're supporting the development of excellent martial artists and world-class citizens.

This class is specifically designed for 5-12 year olds



Junior Muay Thai is a fantastic introduction to the basics of kickboxing and allows them to discover kickboxing as a sport, form of fitness and a means of personal development. 

This class provides a solid foundation for any further training students wish to undertake. They are equipped with control, respect and persistence in their Kickboxing before joining senior classes. 

This is a mixed grade class and students aged 7- 12 are encouraged to give it a go!

Litte Kickerboxers
Junior Freestyle Karate
Junior Muay Thai Kickboxing
Junior Boxing


Junior Boxing introduces students to the principles of boxing and supports them to develop technique and physical fitness. Classes are high energy, high activity and are sure to get a sweat up.  

Bringing together students of different experience levels encourages interpersonal development, and creates a culture of learning and fun.  

This class is open to students of all experience levels and students aged 7+ are encouraged to try. 

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